Cinema Conversion | Development Progress

Boasting a prominent location on Town Street in the popular Leeds suburb of Stanningley, this is an ambitious cinema conversion into stunning high specification apartments. Overlooking the historic St Thomas Church (built in 1840), owners can benefit from bars, restaurants, and shops, all just a short walk away.

Cinema Conversion | Development Progress 07/02/20

This update about the development progress of Cinema Conversion in Leeds is dated from 07/02/20.

• Site Set Up (100%)
• Demolitions (100%)
• Roof Preparations (100% inc. additional)
• Concrete Foundations (100% inc. additional) No further work has been required.
• New Drainage (95%)
• Structural Steelwork (100%)
• Blockwork walls to 1st Floor (additional, 100%) Construction of all crosswalls is complete.
• Blockwork Walls to 2nd Floor (additional, 100%)
• New 2nd Floor (100%)
• Structural Steelwork to Roof (additional, 100%)
• Additional Scaffold (100%)
• New stairs (75%)
• New Dormers (80%)
• Replacement Windows (75%)
• Acoustic flooring (5/17)
• Plumbing 1st fix (70% overall in 16/17 flats) Ongoing in sequence with partition works.
• Electrical 1st fix (80% overall in 16/19 areas) Ongoing in sequence with partition works.
• New Partition Walls, Linings & Ceilings (70% overall in 14/19 areas)

Construction of the cycle store and completion of flat 5 is to remain towards the end of the project to permit access into the building.

Bathroom tiling has started
Decoration to the ground floor has started today
First kitchens are being installed today

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