Parliament Square | Development Progress

Here you will find the latest progress reports and images for the construction of the Parliament Square in Liverpool, UK.
Parliament Square is a stunning new residential development comprising 505 luxury specification apartments and market-leading on-site amenities situated in the heart of the famous Baltic Triangle.

The development will feature Studio apartments as well as 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3-bedroom units. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer views over the River Mersey and iconic landmarks such as the Anglican Cathedral are also on the doorstep in Liverpool’s most prestigious development yet.

Parliament Square | Development Progress 01/02/2020

Ground infill is 90% progressed at Parliament Square with piling foundations 100% complete.

The progress at Parliament Square during this construction period has seen the formation of concrete retaining walls and steelwork has been put in place ready for the construction of columns.

Summary of Works Progressed

• The site compound and temporary supplies are 50% complete with site floodlights and a site washdown cleaning facility now installed.
• Ground infill and site levelling is nearly completed at 90%.
• Piling foundations are 100% complete with piled retaining concrete walls formed.
• Concrete retaining walls have progressed by 10% and service ducts have been formed in the walls. The retaining walls have been waterproofed.
• Concrete beam foundations have commenced and are 10% complete.
• Steelwork has been put in place for column construction and concrete pads have been formed to support these columns.
• The crane pad is under construction.
• Excavation to the sandstone car park base.

Works Scheduled

• Construction of columns.

Parliament Square | Development Progress 01/11/2019

With demolition complete, construction has begun at Parliament Square in Liverpool and work is progressing nicely.

There has been significant construction activity to the sub-structure and super-structure during the latest period, including the ground being infilled and levelled, and the progress of pilings and concrete foundations.

Summary of Works Progressed

• Demolition is now complete.
• Site clearance is 100% complete.
• Trial pit areas were marked out and dug as part of ground investigations.
• The site compound and temporary supplies have progressed by 50%.
• The ground is being infilled and levelled which has made great progress of 80%.
• Pilings and the concrete foundations have progressed by 60%. The pile foundation has formed the retaining wall.
• Reinforced steel cages are on site and prepared.

Works Scheduled

• Reinforced steel cages ready to be driven into the pile holes.

Parliament Square | Development Progress 01/08/2019

This update about the development progress of Parliament Square in Liverpool.

Parliament Square’s full construction schedule has been confirmed.

In the most recent update from the developer of Parliament Square, we have been informed that the team are now being set up on-site in preparation to commence construction works.

Summary of Works Progressed

• Excavation works completed.
• A full schedule has been put in place.

Works Scheduled

• Commence the bulk dig involving removing, adding and moving rock and soil around the site to achieve a suitable height for construction.
• Piling with the contiguous walls, a deep foundation part of the groundworks to help form a watertight retaining wall.
• Commence the main groundworks package.
• Concrete frame installation.

Parliament Square | Development Progress 02/05/2019

This update about the development progress of Parliament Square in Liverpool.

Work has begun at Parliament Square in Liverpool, with the first construction update showing that the hoarding has been successfully erected around the site.

The area is undergoing various preparations. Extensive site investigations entailing numerous collections of data and reports have now been completed. Excavation has commenced which involves works to the earth, such as trenching and tunnelling underground.
Summary of Works Progressed

• The hoarding has been 100% erected.
• 100% of site investigations works have been completed.
• Excavation works have commenced.

Works Anticipated
Excavation works will complete to allow for sewage and drainage works to commence.

You can see the detailed report in the link below

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Parliament Square | Development Progress 13/02/2019

This update about the development progress of Parliament Square in Liverpool is our very first update dated from 13/02/2019.

Below you can see images from the Parliament Square construction site, where the building process has already started!

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