Who Are Aspen Woolf?

Aspen Woolf is an award winning property investment firm founded by two childhood friends, Oliver Ramsden and Russell Midgley. We help investors from around the world to generate wealth through sound property investments. Our experience, integrity, and drive to deliver great customer service is at the heart of everything we do, and it’s what sets us apart from the rest.

Our mission

“Our clients’ success will inevitably lead to our success.”

This is our mission statement and our business was founded on this principle. It guides us every day and has helped us foster unrivalled client satisfaction, grow as a business and cement our place as market leaders in the UK. We have been trusted by investors globally for over 11 years, because we are passionate and work hard to deliver high performance investment opportunities every time – never forgetting the needs of our investors.

Our Story

Oliver and Russell are childhood friends who came together in business to found Aspen Woolf back in 2005. They originally wanted to tap into the emerging South American and Eastern European markets, but Aspen Woolf’s meteoric rise really began when some of the largest developers and constructors in these regions awarded us exclusive contracts. This led us to our first development site – the luxurious Pipa Centro resort spa in Northern Brazil. We expanded our operations internationally, drawing the attention of an increasing number of investors, and we now offer a wide range of real estate investment opportunities globally. Oliver and Russell are themselves Aspen Woolf investors. They develop their own property portfolios through the business and, to this day, our directors continue to invest their capital into properties sold by the company.

We constantly aim to bring the most profitable projects, based in some of the world’s property hotspot markets, into Aspen Woolf. We’re also increasingly turning our attention to the booming UK property sector, with a strong focus on the UK’s student and residential markets, which have increasing potential.

As our business goes from strength to strength, we’ve opened an office in Dubai and plan to open another in the US, giving us the ability to meet the needs of our growing roster of international clients. We’ve also launched our currency exchange – Aspen Woolf FX and developed the Aspen Woolf Construction arm which has so far delivered The Cube – a 219 bed purpose built student accommodation in Greater Manchester, and we plan to build on this going forward.

Protecting Your Interests

Aspen Woolf is regulated by The UK Property Ombudsman (TPO), and is wholly committed to meeting the highest quality of industry standards. The TPO scheme has been giving consumers and property agents a free, independent and impartial dispute resolution service for 25 years. You can rest assured that Aspen Woolf is committed to delivering the quality and standard of service expected by the TPO.

Find A TPO Member

You can click here to find or check any member of the TPO scheme. All you have to do is enter the relevant name and postcode and the requested information will appear. To check Aspen Woolf’s membership, click the link, which will take you to a new screen with a field asking you to “Enter a name of member.” Just type “Aspen Woolf” into this space and then tap the search button.